Thursday, June 12, 2014

Combination Play on the Web

Despite the lack of new posts, there has been a lot going on during these pre-World Cup times. In fact, you can find me talking to Ireland's radio NewsTalk about the Portuguese National team (including the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo playing up front or trying to find a proper comparison to William Carvalho) here.

Last night I had the privilege of being on CCTV America's The Heat, with Anand Naidoo, where we talked for a few minutes about the other side of the World Cup - whether the investment is really worth it, the FIFA scandals, among other things; you can watch the whole show here.

Finally, yesterday saw the launch of the official coverage of the World Cup for UK's newspaper and website Metro, where I will be covering Portugal throughout the tournament. The first piece is available here.

Stay tuned!

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